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15 Mistakes to Avoid When You Start to Decorating Home

Friday, April 26 2013

Most people think that Home Decorating is easy. As a result, they provided that in determining the color of the walls, buying furniture, and put the ornaments. Indeed, very often found mistakes in their own room decorated by someone. According to Olive Avianca, interior designer and owner Slivbedroom, actually everyone can decorate their own homes. Therefore, if you want to decorate your own home, avoid these mistakes so that you are well-organized home. Life would be more comfortable.

Retro Green Color Living Room Decoration With Black Sofa Furniture1. Let the empty foyer area
According to Olive, it happens because most people do not know what the function of the foyer. Basically, foyer serves as a reception area as well as the transition space before moving into the room in the house.
2. Letting the cables strewn
Do not allow the wiring in the house scattered. This will make your home look messy. You can tidy up with cable clips or hide behind furniture.
3. Theme of  Home Decoration does not fit
It’s good, set the main theme for a room in your house before you start buying furniture. Sure, you can still combine the two themes as long as there is unity in order to keep a pretty sight.

Colorful House Decoration Make Your Life More Perfect 4. Wrong place furniture
Haphazardly placed furniture can make a room in the house becomes uncomfortable. Circulation of people in the room would be hampered.
5. Keep using stuff that is not favored
Give  ornaments or decorations in the house that does not like anymore, and replace with a new one. Consciously or not, you will feel more comfortable when there is in the room.
6. Too Matching Decoration
Generally the non-designers like fear play color, chocolate brown again again along the trend change. You do have the courage to play with colors in order to give a different atmosphere. Mix and match different colors on walls and furniture.

Living Room Decoration With White Sofa Furniture And Home Theater

7. Size of the furniture does not fit with the living space
Never use large furniture that memorable “solid” for a small room. Do not also use the all-little furniture if the room is spacious.
8. Lack or excess lighting
Give enough lighting for a closed room with little openings. In the room with too many openings, you can get around with the use of curtains.
9. Originally put up wall hangings
Wall hangers and picture frames can indeed adorn the walls in your home, but to be precise placement. Adjust the size of the wall hanging wall area. Do not put Small Decoration on a large wall and vice versa.

Natural Bedroom Decoration With Black Relax Chair

10. Furniture sticking to the wall
One misperception in arranging room furniture is placed against the wall. In fact, the placement as it actually makes the room look less attractive and monotonous.
11. Ignoring window
Window is considered as something that only brings hot and transparent from the outside so it shall continue to be closed. A lot of unique ideas to decorate the windows in your home.
12. Afraid of color play
It would not hurt you begin to look for the colors bolder. In essence, carefully playing the color, but it should not make you afraid to use colors that are “unusual”.

Seasonal Home Decoration In Cream Color13. Errors solid match colors
Many colors that actually fit combined match. Look for references to enrich your knowledge about the color solid match.
14. Did not use a mirror
The existence of a mirror in the room is not the main thing, but it also serves to mirror the Actual Decorating, just like painting. If the size is large enough, the mirror can also provide a broad effect on the room.
15. The rooms were too “busy”
Of course you can still play the motif, but you should be careful so as not impressive room is too crowded and make people uncomfortable in it.

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