Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Aesthetic Impression and Warmth of Wood Flooring Home

Thursday, January 3 2013

The floor can make a big change in the atmosphere of the place you live. That’s why for most of the wood flooring is still a favorite. Aesthetic impression and warmth that can not be replaced by the abandonment of flooring material to another. The type and very diverse motives allow Wood Flooring is used in a variety of design styles from classic to modern contemporary. Technology also has a more modern manufacturing to facilitate the installation and maintenance.

Wood Parquet Flooring

Excess type of wood flooring is its originality and beauty. It felt warm and natural. If it looks dull finish can be reconfigured so as good as new again. Wood quality and durability of wood drying process to determine this. Many ancient house solid Wood Floors still look very good.

Wood Flooring Contemporary Share Room House Interior
The drawback of course comes from the characteristics of the wood itself. Expand and shrink the wood against moisture and temperature changes cause the wood floor size is very limited. The lebar should not be more than 15 cm and a thickness of no more than 2 cm. For long they can vary. Also requires professional installation and finishing because most are sold unfinished Solid Wood Flooring. Solid wood flooring is also prone to scratches, fire and cracks. There should also be given a shock that is not noisy. And the main enemy is water. Floor dry quickly if exposed to water or other liquids.

ComfortableNatural  Hardwood Floors

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