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Beautiful Dry Garden Suitable for You Who are Rarely at Home

Monday, June 10 2013

Many people have no reason to be in the park because it is rarely home. Especially for families who do not have a housekeeper. When the owner was out of the house because of the daily grind, the house is left empty. As a result, the garden and the house is sometimes neglected. For a family like this, there is an alternative, which is to make a Dry Garden.

Cactus Plants Suitable for Dry Gardens

Types of Plants for Dry Garden
Dry garden is a garden overgrown with various kinds of plants that tend not require too much attention. Cactus and succulent plant species is a prime example. Perhaps most readers are more often seen cactus sold in small pots for decoration in a closet in the house. In fact, the cactus family that has more than that.

Beautiful Green and Red Countainer Plant for Home Dry GardenCactus is a plant species that could be considered beautiful and unique nature of our owned. Most types of cacti are desert plants or dry areas. However, due to the basic character, cactus can grow in almost all places with very little care. Forms a unique, most colorful spiked and the main attraction. Therefore, Dry Garden Cactus  can provide unique and original identity for your home.

Variety Cactus For Dry Gardens Plant

Dry Garden Care
Nothing is difficult to make a dry garden, cactus garden in particular. Most importantly, give the area could provide good water drainage. Cacti and other dry crops generally do not like humid conditions, especially wet. When the garden flat, could make a mound as high as 20-50 cm. The rest, stay you use your imagination to combine different types of cactus and various other dried plants, such as succulents. You can establish the size, shape desired.

Reclaimed Wood Deck at Dry Gardens

After you plant, your garden ready and require very little maintenance. Almost no need for watering. Rainfall is sufficient by fertilizing every 3-6 months. So, with a character like this, there is no longer any reason for you to not be able to enjoy of the Beauty Dry Garden at home to be proud of.

My Beautiful Dry Garden With Countainer Cactus Plant

Photo Gallery of Beautiful Dry Garden Suitable for You Who are Rarely at Home

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