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Cardboard Furniture is Unique and Environmentally Friendly

Thursday, January 17 2013

In fulfilling its mission to save the earth, the designers began creating furniture environmentally friendly, and sustainable. They use recycled materials for his creation. One of the raw material is environmentally friendly furniture cardboard. One company from Australia called Carton has been exploring the possibilities of furniture making simple cardboard materials.

Cardboard Table with LED

Of course, the raw materials tend to be simple and inexpensive, you can have a wide range of Cardboard furniture. However, some products are made of cardboard is also the art products with high prices. One product is a simple Cardboard chair named Hex Stool hexagons. In seconds, you can assemble this chair.

Cardboard  Modular Sofa
However, if the Hex Stool is too simple for you, try to look at the chair of Bravais Lazerian. Chairs are inspired by natural forms are much more complicated than just chairs hexagons. Besides Bravais, Radiolarian Sofa also not kidding. Cardboard Sofa  is made from 2000 parts cut and glued by hand. Unfortunately, given the complexity of the work sofa price becomes expensive.

Cardboard Furniture Set
Besides Chair Cardboard, paperboard can also be made ??into a table, dresser, and even the bed. A bed, dresser and bedside table made ??Carton is a complete set of bedding called The Paperpedic. These items can rope in a matter of minutes.

Cardboard Furniture Creative Bookshelves Designs
Interestingly, Cardboard Bed is not only able to support you, but it also has a storage area under the bed. In addition, a more modest bed is also available. An eco-friendly chairs can be “transformed” into a bed. range of cardboard furniture is prone to your fold, carry, and use in urgent circumstances.

Cardboard Bedroom Interior Design

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