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Choose Extremely Elegant Sofa Design For Your Luxury Living Room

Saturday, November 17 2012

Glamorous and elegant can you present in your living room with the furniture present in the form of ornaments Extremely Elegant Sofa DesignLiving Room Design with a plush sofa furniture presence leather or fabric interior fit and match any style living room, for example a classic, traditional, or classic and traditional style modern. For leather or fabric combined with carved wood. In modern arrangement, usually leather and fabric combined with stainless steel.

The Luxurious Sofa Design covered with leather or fabric to give the impression of feminine or masculine. For those of you who want to bring a masculine feel in the living room, you should choose a sofa with dark colors such as brown, gray, or black. If you choose leather, you will find a variety of types ranging from cowhide, buffalo, bison, to reptiles such as snakes or crocodiles. For there is a smooth shiny texture, not shiny, soft and slightly rough surface like suede. As for the quality, depending on the original material or not.


 Elegant Sofa Furniture luxury order is maintained, you should pay attention to maintenance. For your leather sofa, however, you should look on the leather sofa furniture leather is one material that requires more thorough attention and care. The material is not waterproof and the outside air. If frequently exposed to water, the skin will be wrinkled texture, rugged, and easily cracked. For treatment, for example, remove dust from the surface of the leather sofa furniture, use a soft cloth dampened with water. As a protection to make it more durable, apply a skin moisturizer after cleaning. Remember, do not use detergent or soap to wash your leather furniture. Because the chemicals contained in it can damage the protective layer of your skin sofa. As for the fabric you can just clean it with a Vacuum Cleaner.





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