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Choosing Plants Types that are Suitable for Beautiful Indoor Garden

Wednesday, February 6 2013

Not only outside the home, the garden also can be present in the house. Park is in the usual term indoor garden. To make this type of garden, of course, it takes the right plants. Indoor Garden Plants can bring freshness through the green foliage. Even the presence of live plants in the house can make at home increases oxygen supply and also reduce the impact of stress for residents. Here is my list the 3 types of plants used for garden indoor fitting:

Colorful Indoor Garden Plant
* Aglaonema or Chinesse Evergreen, had received the title of the most expensive plant, the plant is the first choice of the Indoor Garden lovers because of its power to survive with minimal room light. With that ability, Aglaonema can be placed anywhere, even in the bathroom.

Create The House Plants
* Dieffenbachia, crops including taro’s family, has the characteristics of broad leaves and yellow-green hue. Besides easy to maintain, these Plants are also propagated only by cuttings. But notice if the plant is planted in the house, away from the kids as outreach sap of this plant can cause itching.

Beautiful Aglaonema Commutatum
* Many of the Existing Plant Anthurium, Anthurium Jenmanii deserves to be called the king of Anthurium leaf. Other popular  Anthurium Crystallium. This plant is very like poor sand and humus as a medium, not like direct sunlight and liked the area moist. Suitable to be placed in the bathroom and in the corner.

Aglaonema Plant  for Indoor Gardens

Photo Gallery of Choosing Plants Types that are Suitable for Beautiful Indoor Garden

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