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Easy Tricks to Make Bright House Full of Sunshine

Sunday, October 6 2013

The number of morning sunlight into the house , providing its own freshness and Bright House . Various activities are also more comfortable to do with the large number of light in the room . Unfortunately , not all parts of the house can be affected by exposure to sunlight . There is an easy trick to increase the amount of sunlight into the house . You do not need to break the wall and build a new window . Here’s the trick .

Bright Home Office Design Full Of Sunshine
First, use a mirror to reflect the light . The more mirrors , more and more light reflected on the wall . Place a mirror facing a window or glass doors to maximize the amount of light in the house . In addition , you can also display and use the ornate furniture glass to increase light reflection . The second way , change the color of the walls by selecting color of  Bright House Walls . Use shades of ” cool ” like light gray , beige , light blue , or other bright colors . These colors can maximize the natural light in the room .

Rest Room With Bright Looking In Home Design By Barrionuevo
Third , move your furniture . Do not let the furniture blocking the sunlight entering through the windows of the house . You can also use furniture made ??of translucent acrylic . This method does not make the room look full and not block sunlight .

Bright Home Theater Interior Design Ideas
Fourth , avoid the use of curtains made ??from thick . Do not use velvet or other heavy fabric that can not be pierced by sunlight . Instead, just use window film to avoid the ill effects of ultra violet rays without reducing the freshness of sunlight . Fifth , replace doors with doors that have glass windows . Unnecessary large . Mosaic glass windows were able to incorporate sunlight without compromising the privacy of your family so that Bright  House Full of Sunshine

Cheerful Kids Bedroom Color Paint in  Bright Home

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