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Finishing Faster Using Gypsum Board for Home Interior Decoration

Wednesday, February 13 2013

Process of houses is certainly not a process that just spent all night. One by one, you must go through the process with patience and detail, in order to get maximum results. However, would you know if the house can work faster and cleaner? The solution is the use of Decorative Gypsum Board.  That is finishing faster using gypsum board for home interior decoration.


 Interior Decoration With Gypsum
Today, Gypsum Board provides a way for you to do the finishing stages of completion or a brick wall without the hassle of a long process. The application is called the stick-on. Maybe that has not been widely known by users of gypsum board, gypsum board is actually not only can be applied as a partition between the room, but also can be applied as the finishing of the brick.

Gypsum Decorations In Living Room

Although it has a drawback, but gypsum also makes the process much simpler. gypsum board weakness is water. Thus, we can usually apply the finishing brick wall is a dry brick wall. There are two methods of application. First, to the wall is completely dry adhesive application can use. You are Special Gypsum Adhesive, which adhesive 15. Gypsum board, we give the adhesive, then we stick it straight into a brick wall that we will finishing. Thus, the gypsum board is to replace the function of plaster. In applications faster search time, and also cleaner work area.

 Interior Decoration With Gypsum 4

Then, if a brick wall has begun patches, it will look ugly. All we can do, as long as no flooding, we can just create a partition in front of the wall. As long as no flooding, that is as long as the water does not drip. If it was just wet, still can. We just put a partition in front of him. Give a gap of about 2 cm to the wall, then we attach the Gypsum board as usual. But remember, do not stick.

 Interior Decoration With Gypsum 4

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