Monday, June 18, 2018

Get A Natural Impression in Modern Bedroom with Brick Wall Design

Monday, January 28 2013

If you are a person who likes to smell everything nature, Get A Natural Impression in Modern Bedroom with Brick Wall Design. This design certainly fits.  Play with  the headboard wall. Make a point of interest of interest. Like the headboard wall in some bedroom design below. The design is made ??different. Usually wall-finish using cement and paint, this time with a natural left unfinished. The bricks were left exposed here. It looks more beautiful with laying some point the lights that shine reinforcing wall textures. Headboard wall becomes an attractive point of interest in the bedroom.

Modern Bedroom With  Brick Walls
View other furniture can be made compatible with Exposed Brick Walls. Bed cover bed could use a material that is white or natural. So is the blanket, can wear a natural brown color. But on the other hand, there is little contrast in the closet. Built-in cabinets that are made on the side wall of the bed wearing just smoke mirrors contemporary material. Side is an interesting contrast. The reflection in the mirror furniture even more to unite the entire contents of the room. The room was not overly spacious bedrooms became more relieved.

Modern And Brick Wall Stylish Bedroom Designs
Bedroom with Brick Walls are more suitable for young couples. The design is casual and not stuffy. Suitable for young couples tend tastes of casual and easy to accept new things.

Bedroom With French Doors And Exposed Brick Wall

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