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Here is Tips to Keep in Mind When Going to Install Windows Trellis

Thursday, January 10 2013

Trellis not only be strong, but also safe and no harm in the event of an emergency and for security functions. Unfortunately, most homeowners overlook design and how to set it up.

The Front Door Trellis
Here are 5 important tips to keep in mind when going to install Windows Trellis.

White Trellis Windows
1. Adjust the interior theme. Each dwelling must have its own character. Houses with modern design would be better to choose a simple Trellis Design and comfortable. You should not forget is its function. Trellis motif also serves as construction.
2. Use a solid material, such as iron rods, iron screw, and forgings. The shape can be round, square, or a combination.
3. Distance between the bars meeting, 10 cm-20 cm. Its size can be adjusted with the window frame.
4. Trellis to floor windows that face the outside of the house should be permanently installed.
5. Attach the grille opening and closing the locks fitted to anticipate the possibility of fire. Notice the open-close operation of the window outside. The space between the bars should be enough to get into one hand. This is necessary for the opening and closing of windows is not disturbed.

Living Room Trellisdeas

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