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Hidden Bed Design is Perfect for Your Small House

Friday, November 8 2013

Homeowners in Japan has been hereditary ” hide ” their bedding when not in use . Now , the owners of apartments all over the world also do the same . When not in use , the beds they can be hidden in a cabinet or raised to the ceiling . Ways to ” hide ” it does make the bedroom area can be used for various other purposes during the day . So I think Hidden Bed Design is Perfect for Your Small House.

Purple Bunk Hidden Beds Office Ideas

For a Hidden Bed  in The Ceiling , if you want to use you just need to pull the bed . A table made ??of redwood timber under the bed instantly changed into the headboard .

Hidden Bed Design For Multifunction Room

You will also be permanently hanging bed hovered near the ceiling . The bed hung so that the bottom can be used for other purposes . More special again , if the ceiling above the bed is covered with clear glass . In the daytime , the owner can lie down and sunbathe while enjoying the warm sunshine .

Hidden Bed That Retracts Back Into The Ceiling
However , if the concept of ” hanging ” bed is not a pleasant option , you can also store the bedding in a drawer . In this case you can combine a bed with wardrobe .  In the night you can use that for sleep, and at afternoon you can Hidden Bed in Wardrobe. This solution is suitable for those who are not comfortable sleeping in altitude .

 Lift And Stor Storage Hidden Beds

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