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How Big is The Effect of The Ceiling Color for Your Home

Wednesday, September 25 2013

Coloring the interior ceiling is not an option that commonly done . Moreover , with a variety of striking colors . However , this way you can do to avoid the tedious impression that is usually generated by the pale walls . Choice of  Ceiling Color  can give a certain effect . If you want to visually increase the ceiling tinggi , still use cold shades of color on the ceiling . Meanwhile, if you have a ceiling high enough and want to make it noticeably lower , to get a more intimate feel , use warm shades like red , orange , or yellow . You can start by assessing your space and determine to which direction you want to accomplish . For example , you have a large room with high ceilings , you can ” warm up ” the room by using two ways .

Beautiful Pink Color Of The Ceiling
Both ways are equally involves flashy colors . It’s just that one uses dark colors , while others use bright colors . Color darker or more ” warm ” colors include dark brown , purple , blue , green , and other colors are dark . While the bright flashy colors include red , pink , and orange . These colors can make the ceiling appear visually lower than actual . However , darker colors will certainly give you a different feel than the bright colors like red and orange . Conversely , if you have a room with a Low Ceiling enough , try using a color palate is more ” cool ” like white , blue or light green .

Grey Ceiling Color  Interior Decorating
Another way to make a small room feel bigger is to keep the color contrast between the walls and the ceiling is not too far away . You can use the ceiling and walls a pale yellow colored wheat , brownish yellow . After assessing your needs and Goals Ceiling Color , know also that you can use a variety of media . First, use paints the walls as usual . Secondly , you can also cover it with wood .

Designing Ceiling Color
Also, do not forget to also pay attention to the light source to the ceiling . Pink or light blue is able to reflect light better than dark colors . Both of these colors can give the impression of ” mild ” . Meanwhile, the bright red chandelier can reflect well and make beautiful glow . Note the choice of colors with a light source in the room . Then look again finishing it . Coloring Ceiling usually use a matte finish . However , you are not prohibited from using eggshell or satin finish . Lastly, try to only use colored ceiling for certain rooms , such as bedrooms . Spaces that are accessible to families should be kept simple . The reason , is too striking to make your family members more easily bored in the room.

Ceiling Color And Crown Molding

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