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Here are Some Ways to Clean Oil Stains in The Kitchen

Friday, March 1 2013

After doing the activity in The Kitchen as usual after frying kitchen floor, stove, or even a wall of oil stains. It makes the kitchen look dirty and become slippery. You need to clean it up immediately. Here are some ways to clean oil stains in the kitchen :

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Oil stains on the Kitchen Floor
Sprinkle enough flour on the floor splattered with cooking oil. Then wipe with a dry cloth. Without cleaned with water, the floor will be clean again, and not sticky.

It Your  Clean Kitchen
Oil Stains on Stove
Dampen a cloth with kerosene and rub it on the affected stove cooking oil. Allow a few moments, then wipe again with a dry cloth. Cooking oil stains will disappear and the stove will look shiny clean, so your Kitchen looks clean.

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Oil Stains on the Kitchen Wall
The walls are exposed to splashing oil can be cleaned with a cloth laced with dish washing soap. Rub gently until the oil stain is gone.

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