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How To Fixing Leak Beautiful Fish Pond At Your House Garden

Friday, December 7 2012

The presence of a Beautiful Fish Pond  Garden at the house will add to the beauty of the home becomes more perfect. But the beauty of the pond in a park will be lost when the pond is leaking. Leaking water seeping make the water will eventually run out, leaving smooth mud. If that happens, it needs repairs. To cope with the leak would not be done in vain, there are precise steps that must be taken to ensure that the pool back to complement the beauty of the park. Especially for the fish pond, the proper way of fixing leaks can avoid the fish are stressed and even die.

The following were recorded for you on How To Fixing Leak Beautiful Fish Pond At Your House Garden. Hopefully recorded so that we can help you with your fish pond garden looks neat and beautiful.

For existing Fish Pond Gardens, you should first move the fish to another place that is safe, then drain the pond. After each layer is put a pool wall with the hole or crack with suspected leak points. Leakage occurs below the mark that we had, and may also have a leak that is located above the mark that we make. Then consider the leaks that we found, if the cement around it too soft or porous clean until no more cement is porous, then we patched with new cement. Perform step on any leaks before we found.

After completion of all the cement fillings allow swimming until completely dry, refill the pool with water above the mark that we make. After that enter the ornamental fish back into the pond. To prevent leakage occurs again, you should give special paint coating on the walls of the pool.

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