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Luxury House Appear More Perfect with A Glass Floor

Friday, January 18 2013

If you want a unique touch to your home, there are now new ways to give a different look. You can use the glass floor as accents to beautify your home. Luxury Glass Floor will provide a dramatic and exotic. But, of course, it depends on the conditions of space and effort mixing and matching glass floor with furniture in it.

Luxury Glass Floor Tile For Modern Interior Design
Remember, too, the glass can reflect light according to the light used and the color of the glass itself. So, you should not need to fully utilize the glass floor, but simply inserted between the floor tiles. To consider the use, here are some things you need to consider to get the perfect look for your Luxury House.

 Inspiration Loft House With Glass Floor Design
Select the type of glass that is not slippery.
Avoid the use of Clear Glass because it will reduce your privacy. In addition, the glass mirror type also can be blinding.
Take also the thickness of the glass. Strength of the glass when it comes to the weight of weaker than other types of flooring, especially when juxtaposed with the power of ceramic or marble.
Give small size to avoid broken glass after the floor is installed, in addition to choosing the thick glass.

Glass Floor For Living Room
Type of glass
There are two types of glass used to make the floor. First given a coating of glass types so often called a laminated glasses. If it gets broken, fragments will not be released, but remains attached to the adhesive.
The second type is Glass Block Floor. This type of floor will be coated with a mixture of sand, called a sort of sandblasted finish.

More Beautiful With Glass Floor For Interior Design
The way this is done with a glass coating sprayed on the floor. The goal is to reduce slippage and light reflection. In the installation, the glass floor of the framework requires an iron plate, stainless steel, or aluminum. The advantages of glass floor, except it looks unique, is prone to maintenance. However, the most important thing is the Glass Floor must be diligently cleaned using a soft cloth.

Luxury House Glass Floor

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