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Presents Soft Colors in The Traditional Korean Dining Room Interior Style

Tuesday, January 1 2013

Soft Colors Presents The  Traditional Korean Dining Room  Interior Style tends to lead to a simple concept and put natural values??. And also retain cultural or spiritual characteristic that affects the feel of simple yet beautiful oriental design carried on Korea. Although in some use colors similar to the colors of the Oriental culture of China, but in Korea design, color  applied tend to be more gentle.

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In addition, it offers a lot more natural shades to choose brown color applications such as pregnant women obtained by incorporating furniture and accessories ornaments from wood materials, natural stone, and bamboo. However, if you intend to bring the concept of Korean Oriental occupancy, you can create a more colorful display by trying to apply the bright colors but still soft so it does not dampen the Korean Theme you want to appear. You can play using a combination of colors such as pale green and soft pink. Then combine the elements of a space filler in the form of ornaments typical Korean.

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Korean Oriental Interior Design you can try to present the dining room to create a sense of fun when you and your family enjoy being together while eating a favorite dish. Wraps pale green color on the entire side of the wall. Similarly to the floor and the ceiling should you apply a similar color. Furthermore, to apply a soft pink color for furniture dining chairs with designs characterized by Korea and pair with tables of wood materials. Come up with nuance Korea by putting accessories such as flowers of cherry blossom pink on the table. Or by post using the letters on the walls of the room Conji.

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