Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Pyramid Roof Is One Of The Various Roof Designs

Tuesday, October 16 2012

The Pyramid Roof  Design now many we meet. Pyramid roof created from four inclined plane resting on one point end. Those who put the roof pyramid shape match the square-shaped house floor.

To build a model house with a pyramid roof rafters can use concrete, mild steel or wood for the roof  frame, roofing while there are many options such as ceramic tiles, metal or concrete and various types of Roof Coverings are quite heavy.

Excess pyramid roof is high enough there is a distance between the ceiling to the edge of the roof so high that the air circulation becomes very smooth.

However, we can not deny that this Pyramid Roof  Models have the disadvantage that the connection of the roof  truss structure is quite complex so it is necessary to anticipate and care for leaks. In addition, if not careful in its design, the model pyramid roof would likely spend a lot of space frame roof pretty much compared to the other forms.

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