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Quiet But Still Gorgeous Living Room With Alloy Color Grey Yellow

Sunday, February 24 2013

A touch of gray that will appease look more alive and beautiful with a blend of yellow accents. Color game to try to give the first impression that stole the attention in the living room. Apply gray that dominates the composition. Wraps colors on the entire side wall of the living room. Effects that appear to make an impression Gorgeous Living Room Cozy, giving the feel that brings the atmosphere that can give the impression of more stable. Gray is also one of the colors in the interior color trends 2013.

Beautiful Gray Yellow Living Rom
One of the themes that interior color trends 2013 color trends inspired by people who have a lot of busyness. People will eventually need solitude to recharge the lost energy. These colors include muted colors like beige, gray, or white. When you choose the color gray as a base color and dominant in the Living Room, you need to be careful. Because gray excessive not only make the living room in your home to look calm, but also quiet and monotonous. To avoid this, you should mix with a splash brighter accent colors, such as yellow.

Gray Yellow Living Room
You can bring the yellow accents on pillows accessories combined gray sofa, wall hangings, and arm chair. Although predominantly gray, but still alive and living room make the occupants feel warm and excited. Can also add a different accent colors such as brown for a more comfortable feel in Grey Yellow Living Room Theme.

The Gray Yellow Living Room Decoration Ideas

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