Friday, May 25, 2018

Roof As Protection And Image Forming The House

Wednesday, October 24 2012

In a building, the floor is referred to as the foundation, walls and roof as a body described as the crown. This crown is at the top of the shield, therefore serves as a Protective  Roof as well as forming the image or character of the owner.

In this discussion we are only talking about a roof in outline only. As technology advances and developments in the field of architecture, there is now emerging a wide range of   Roof  Designs, among other forms of  roofing berth, gable, roof shield, flat roof, roof arches, pyramid roof, and roof combination.

The material forming the roof also has a lot of variety. The emergence of various designs with different materials is an innovation that can accommodate all the existing limitations, such as limited land available, and funding the climate or weather. All that emerged as one of the solutions.

Photo Gallery of Roof As Protection And Image Forming The House

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