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Small Office Concepts at the House Garden : Shoffice by Platform 5 Architects.

Thursday, January 17 2013

There saturation that was when I had to work all the time in the building. Monotony and grip sometimes make us bored. If you’re imagining working with focus and comfortable in the open air, the shadows as that is a real concept on ‘Shoffice’, a work of Platform 5 Architects, architecture practitioner based in London. Shoffice stands shed and office. Listening to their name, you may already be able to guess the form of this small office. Shoffice is a small pavilion that was placed in the park. He serves as a Small Office as well as a storage area.

Most Beautiful Of Shoffice Design, UK

Currently, one Shoffice is located in Southwest London, England. Unlike the typical office, Shoffice  Shaped Wooden sculpture that resembles a snail. Curved shape that is characteristic of this building looks like a snail. The rest of the elliptical shape that juts out makes it look pretty at the same time serves as a small patio in front of this small office.

Most Beautiful  Shoffice, UK

The building is made ??of lightweight structures formed from two circular shaped steel beams, wood ribs, and a layer of bark. The Office Interior layered oak wood and are furnished with a table and integrated with the building.

The Shoffice Interior Design Ideas

Meanwhile, the cabin door is made of glass. Therefore, sunlight outside can enter the Room Office with ease. Building construction project, most have experienced connecting prefabricated or  pre – assembled into the building. The point of this process is to reduce the amount of material that needs to be moved through the house during construction.

Shoffice By Platform 5 Architects

Photo Gallery of Small Office Concepts at the House Garden : Shoffice by Platform 5 Architects.

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