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Suitable Plants For Minimalist Garden Style That Looks Beautiful

Saturday, December 1 2012

The species to be one of the elements that can support the appearance of the garden. Therefore, choosing the appropriate plants garden style becomes important. Thus, creating the impression of an attractive garden and harmony. In the garden usually brings a minimalist style mini flowers or shrubs. Ornaments used also selected according to the minimalist concept and placement of plants are not many curves and arches so Minimalist Garden looks a little stiff. To avoid this, you can outsmart the present plants are suitable for the minimalist garden and be able to make the garden look more soft.

Here we include a few examples of plants within their Minimalist Gardens Style:
1. Onions Brojol (Zephyranthes Grandiflora), known as Rain Lily, if flowering in unison like rain lilies. The form was like lilies, despite its smaller size. Bred with bulbs, flowering throughout the year with special treatment and like direct sunlight and dry.

2. Silver Mimosa (Acacia Podalyriifolia), looks like the daughter embarrassment / Mimosa pudical. The leaves are white (silver), grows throughout the year and were bred with grafts or seeds.

3. Tabebuia (Tabebuia Aurea), Bignoniaceae family with up to 7 feet tall. The flowers are yellow in unison, while the transition season flowering. Tabebuia growth is slow, but strong stems. Therefore, the plant is fit for minimalist garden need not require a lot of maintenance (pruning).

4. Air Bed (Echinodorus Phalaefolius), family Alismataceae, white flowers such as jasmine, arranged on long flower stalks. Broad leaf, rough surface. Not only is grown in ponds, water jasmine is often grown in pots. To plant it, pot holes are not so media between wet and muddy.

5. Dracena tricolor, each type of plant that its leaves consist of three colors, namely brown, red and green. Widely used as a key plant on the edge of the garden gate.

6. Siklok (Agave attenuata), including one type of plant that is widely used for the park. Spiky leaves with somewhat stronger stem and whitish green, the leaves are not prickly edge and is resistant to heat.

7. Iris (Iris Pseudacorus), yellow flowers with green leaves shaped ribbon color. Grow in moist soil and not drought resistant. Can function as a barrier as well as fillers minimalist garden. There is also a plant in a pot.

Photo Gallery of Suitable Plants For Minimalist Garden Style That Looks Beautiful

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