Thursday, July 19, 2018

Amazing Sunken Sitting Area For Home Comfortability

The living room has a lot of functions. This place you will receives special guests, friends and can also be used as a space to gather with family. In connection with the matter, the most important of them is to create a comfortable and pleasing area for those who are in theĀ  Amazing Living Room. In this case we are talking about design Sunken Living... (more...)

Unique Forms In Nature Light Sculpture By Hildendiaz

For you fans of unique lamps, will most likely be interested in these lights. Lamp which looks amazing is named “Forms in Nature“. When lit, it will conjure up images resemble twigs and trees in the forest. Shadows–shadows generated by these lights will fill the entire room. Instantly, the room will be filled with shapes resembling... (more...)

Complete Your Home Offices with The Glass Computer Desk Furniture

If you are working or studying at home, then you should be able to set up a sense of comfort and at the same time highly functional workplace. One way is to equip your Home Offices in a modern style, glass desk for your computer can be a very good solution for you. Glass is a material universe and can adapt to many styles and almost all color scheme... (more...)