Thursday, July 19, 2018

Home Design 2013 is Consists of Many Models and Styles

When you think about having a new home, then you need home design ideas. If you want to remodel your old house, then you need guidelines for the design of the house will be stunning and also in the design of an attractive model homes. To design the house needs a good plannings and interesting ideas. Home design should represent your personality. Details... (more...)

The Color Application Will Make Luxury Bedroom Design Feel Comfort

As advances in the fields of architecture and art, it’s not just a living room or family room that need to be made to look luxurious. However, the bedroom must also be designed with a feel that is able to create an impression of glamor that makes private room look attractive. To create a Comfortable Luxurious Bedrooms, you can create using a combination... (more...)

Small Office Concepts at the House Garden : Shoffice by Platform 5 Architects.

There saturation that was when I had to work all the time in the building. Monotony and grip sometimes make us bored. If you’re imagining working with focus and comfortable in the open air, the shadows as that is a real concept on ‘Shoffice’, a work of Platform 5 Architects, architecture practitioner based in London. Shoffice stands... (more...)