Saturday, September 22, 2018

Here’s Five Ways to Bathroom Paint Durable

Compared to another room in the house, the bathroom tends to privilege. Because the flow of hot water and steam will make the bathroom more humid than other rooms. It requires a special wall coatings that can strengthen the layers of the wall, although constantly exposed to moisture, or even water. Bathroom walls are generally closed partially, or entirely... (more...)

Modern Minimalist Bedroom Design Make The Room More Spacious

Do not worry if you have a narrow room. Maybe some Bedroom Design below can inspire you to continue to give the feel of a fresh and harmonious. Without having to widen the room to make the room more spacious. Style used in the bedroom will be the basis in developing the ideas in the interior, the arrangement of furniture and others. Is it going to... (more...)

Unique Decorative Lamp to Create Beautiful Lighting Room

To create a beautiful room or rooms, lighting plays a very important role. As well as any wall color and decorations that accompany it, all will be felt useless without good lighting with Decorative Lamp. This Unique Decorative Lighting can be natural light from the sun or artificial light coming from the lamp. Artificial light is likely to be preferred... (more...)