Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cover Your Floor With a Beautiful Mosaic Tile Carpet.

No one can say exactly when or precisely where Mosaic Art was born, but no evidence of this form back gain popularity back in over the centuries by many civilizations. The Greeks were the first to develop schools mosaic artisan. Originally made ??to decorate floors, Roman take art’s popularity to new tinggis using mosaics to decorate their walls.... (more...)

Let’s Save Costs by Using Non-Permanent Room Divider or Partition

Do you want to divide a large room into sections but are reluctant to make permanent the wall because of the cost?  Create a partition or non permanent room divider is handy and easy to move so the solution. The fun, you can make your own or buy in artisan so. Partition, often called the ‘splitter’ or ‘scenes’, not only serves... (more...)