Thursday, July 19, 2018

Symbol of Modern Society that Reflected at Futuristic Bathroom Design

Modernization brings people of the world become more familiar with the technology, technology as a symbol of the modern world. The technology has been used offers the efficiency and practicality to facilitate human activity, technology definitely brings a positive impact for us. Evolution of technology open your eyes and mind wide as theĀ  Futuristic... (more...)

What Do You Think About Black Bathroom Design

What do you think about Black Bathroom Design? This would not be my first choice, but after seeing the color in these pictures I have to admit that black can work well for the bathroom. In the bathroom appear here black has been used for tile, sink or tub.     After Seeing some of our image collection below, you may also agree that the choice... (more...)

Unique Green Bathroom Design By Naruse Inokuma

Green Bathroom is one design that is unique in the exhibition “House Vision“ 2013 in Tokyo, Japan, collecting big names in the world of architecture Japan to show his radical ideas on domestic use. The exhibition curator and director, Kenya Hara, wanted the exhibition sheds light on a possible link between the space in which we live with... (more...)

Super Luxury Bathroom Design for Modern House Interior

How would you feel if you have a modern bathroom design like super luxury home? We can not even imagine at all. It must be so amazing and could not find the right words. Modern bathroom designs are very popular these days. Many people using this design. Actually applying modern bathroom design depends on the needs of each home. No matter what type of... (more...)

Green Up Your Bathroom and Get More Freshness

If you are looking for a green bathroom design, you are in the right place. If you are looking for a fresh design for your bathroom, you are also in the right palce. There are several aspect that you have to pay attention on designing a bathroom. Not only beautiful, but also has to be comfortable and match to your character and personality. The concept... (more...)