Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bathroom Interior Design with Glass Wall Divider

It would be more practical if the bathroom is next to the bedroom. A glass Wall Divider, including the distribution of wet and dry areas. The entire wall adjacent to the bedroom area can be made of  Transparent Glass. Similarly, boundary between wet and dry areas. Bathroom with form like this may seem unusual, and not too wide as well size. But,... (more...)

Super Luxury Bathroom Design for Modern House Interior

How would you feel if you have a modern bathroom design like super luxury home? We can not even imagine at all. It must be so amazing and could not find the right words. Modern bathroom designs are very popular these days. Many people using this design. Actually applying modern bathroom design depends on the needs of each home. No matter what type of... (more...)

Here’s Five Ways to Bathroom Paint Durable

Compared to another room in the house, the bathroom tends to privilege. Because the flow of hot water and steam will make the bathroom more humid than other rooms. It requires a special wall coatings that can strengthen the layers of the wall, although constantly exposed to moisture, or even water. Bathroom walls are generally closed partially, or entirely... (more...)