Friday, November 16, 2018

There are Two Important Elements in House Garden You Should Consider

Tuesday, December 11 2012

To bring the garden on the home page, two important elements in the house garden you should consider the software elements (soft scape) and hardware elements (hard scape). Both of these elements will give the impression of the beauty of the garden. For Software Elements House Garden usually consist of type of plants used. Is shrubs, vines, shade plants, flowering plants, or cover crops such as Purslane, blue eyes, onions and onion-grass. In addition to plants, water also include software elements that can be presented to the garden.

Limited land can outsmart us by making a small pond with a mini waterfall in the wall that has transformed the shape of the Stones Cliff Garden. Garden Cliff is in addition to aesthetic reasons also serves to hide the massive parapet homes and slippery. In addition, as a way out if the soil conditions in our homes is very barren and infertile.

While the Harsh Elements Garden consist of rocks, which are often used to support the beauty of the garden. For example, a slab of natural stone with the shape and composition that can serve as an irregular path, and will add a natural feel. Gardens did not always have a trail, but it serves as a circulation path that allows us to explore the entire garden without stepping on grass or dirt. There are different types of natural stone selection offered in the market, you can select the types of natural stone as desired. The beauty of the park more complete when coupled with light garden statue or ornament. In addition to the lighting, these lights will give the impression of dramatic accents that appear at night.

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