Friday, November 16, 2018

Vertical Garden Is Perfect For Homes With Limited Space.

Tuesday, December 4 2012

Of the many parks that we often encounter, most of the garden there is a horizontal type of garden because it is easier in the process, rather than a vertical garden. Vertical Garden Is Perfect For Homes With Limited Space. . Thus, the limited land that you have not become a barrier to creating green areas which make housing looks beautiful and comfortable.

Vertical garden is a garden created in vertical media and is a good choice for a minimalist home. As we know the house with a minimalist style does not have enough land. But the form that leads to the top of the vertical garden will be a solution for those of you who do not have land large enough to get a cool shelter in the presence of a Beautiful Vertical Garden.

There are other benefits that you get from a vertical garden. Fertility of Plants Vertical Gardens can withstand the heat from the outside, muffled noise and more importantly beautify residential, and can increase oxygen supply and reduce spatters of rain. Vertical garden is clearly more efficient, because you can take advantage of the corners or a blank wall at home. Unlike the horizontal gardens that require vast land for crops.

To make it, you can set the vines, arrange plants in hanging pots, or stick it in the vertical plane as the wall. The main thing to consider in the care of a vertical garden is a place the plant in areas exposed to sunlight. How this is done so that the vertical garden in your home is always fresh and not quickly wither.

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