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Warm and Cozy With Mediterranean Living Room Style Design Concept

Friday, March 15 2013

Create a living room in your home warm impressed with arranging this room Mediterranean Style Design uses. In addition to warm, this style is very suitable for residential located in areas with high temperature so it stays cool and comfortable.

Living Room Mediterranean Style Interior Design Ideas
Use colors that blend commonly used in Mediterranean Style, such as white mixed with brown. White can be applied to the entire side wall of the main color. White will make the room appear brighter and to give the impression of more space. That way, residents feel more freely when he was in it.

Mediterranean Family Room Design
Back to present the white color is the couch. Then mix with a coffee table, a single chair, an end table, display shelves, rugs, and cushions in brown. Its presence makes the living room look comfortable and bring the feel of warmth. Well, to reinforce the Mediterranean Concept , mix color game with shapes typical of this style.

Contemporary Living Room in Mediterranean Style
As windows with wide openings and an arch at the top, it is valid also for the door. By doing so, turn the air becomes more smoothly, so that the temperature in the room was cool and make residents feel comfortable. To block the direct sunlight, give gratings on the windows.

Mediterranean Living Room Causa Design Group

The Mediterranean style is characterized by using a combination of natural colors, bright and warm like brown, beige, yellow, orange, and terracotta. From the shape, the style of the Mediterranean can be seen for example from the windows, rectangular or small boxes. Sometimes with the upper end shaped arches. The windows are usually equipped with a latticework made ??of wood or wrought iron. The winds were circular lot is also part of the appearance of the building faces the Mediterranean Architecture.

Mediterranean Living Room Interior Design

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